Weather-Related Closing Policy

With the safety interest of library patrons and staff in mind, Nottawa Township Library will close when Centreville Public Schools close due to dangerous weather conditions. These conditions include snow, ice, freezing rain, tornadoes, etc. The library will open if conditions improve. The library will also open if the library director determines travel is safe for both patrons and staff.
Nottawa Township Library will also delay opening until 10:00 a.m. on the days Centreville Public Schools delay due to weather conditions such as fog, freezing rain, etc.
Nottawa Township Library has purchased a Weather Alert Radio so they can be alerted when severe weather develops. The library will stay alert to dangerous weather conditions and take action as needed. The library does not have a secure basement area for patrons in case of a tornado threat.
In the event of a tornado watch, the staff will check to see if the village of Centreville will be directly affected. If Centreville is in the tornado watch area, patrons will be asked to leave the building and seek shelter in their homes and the library will close.
In the event of a tornado warning, any patrons in the library will be advised to seek shelter either in the public restrooms or under the wooden tables in the main part of the library. The library will close to prevent additional people from entering the building. If the watch or warning is lifted before 2:00 p.m., the library will reopen. All closings are at the library director’s discretion.

Approved by Nottawa Township Library Board on 3/27/02; Reviewed 9/21/05*
*First line added to statement “With the interest…”
Additional clarification of tornado watch/warning added 7/21/06 and 5/22/2013
To be reviewed 5/2015

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