Social Security Numbers Policy

In compliance with Michigan’s Social Security Number Privacy Act (P.A. 454 of 2004) Nottawa Township Library will ensure, to the extent practicable, the confidentiality of social security numbers. For the purpose of this policy, SSN refers to the use of more than 4 sequential numbers of an employee’s social security number.

Nottawa Township Library will not:

  • Publicly display more than 4 sequential numbers of an employee’s complete social security number
  • Use the SSN as the primary account number for any employee
  • Visibly print the SSN on any badge or card
  • Require an employee to use or transmit the SSN over the Internet or computer system unless the connection is secure or encrypted, or a password or other authentication devise is required to gain access
  • Include the SSN in or on any document sent to an individual if the numbers are visible on or, without manipulation, from outside of the envelope or packaging
  • Unlawfully disclose social security numbers

Only personnel authorized by Nottawa Township Library, such as the Nottawa Township Board, will have access to employee’s social security numbers.

Documents containing social security numbers will be destroyed in an appropriate manner when no longer needed.

Penalties for unlawfully disclosing social security numbers may include discipline up to and including dismissal and can be punishable to the extent of the law (P.A. 454 of 2004).

Approved by Nottawa Township Library Board: 11/16/2005

To be reviewed: 11/2007

Page last updated: December 16, 2010.
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