Public Computer Use Rules

  1. All computer users must sign in at the circulation desk each time they use a computer. A separate sign in sheet is available for adults and young adult computers.
  2. Children who are 13 years of age or younger must have a parent or guardian with them to use the Internet. Children between 14 and 18 years of age must have a parent or guardian come to the library to fill out an Internet Registration Form.
  3. Computer use is limited two hours per day per person. Computer usage is scheduled for one-hour blocks except during times of high demand; normally between the hours of 3:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. When demand is high, usage will be set for one half hour blocks with one computer designated as an “Express Computer” at 15-minute intervals.
  4. Forms are available at the desk if anyone has a concern over a website that is inappropriate or a website that is not accessible. These sites will be reviewed.
  5. A computer for Internet users with young children is located in the Children’s Room. The adult is still responsible for the child’s behavior and the Library staff will ask the adult to end their Internet session if the child becomes disruptive or begins to wander outside the confines of the Children’s Room. The child’s safety is a priority to the Library Board and Staff.
  6. Internet and computer usage is available on a walk-in basis.
  7. Computer users will be notified 10 minutes before their session ends so they can finish their tasks. All users will be notified 10 minutes before the library closes for the day.
  8. No more than two people are allowed at a computer station at one time.
  9. Users may only use computer software installed or provided by the library. The installation of the user’s own software is prohibited as is saving files on the library’s computers.
  10. Disks and CDs are available at the circulation desk to purchase at $0.50 each if an individual needs to save non-copyrighted materials.
  11. Users must have their own e-mail accounts to send and receive emails.
  12. Users are not to subscribe to news groups, listservs, or participate in chats.
  13. Report any problems with the computer to the library staff. Users will be held financially responsible for damage to hardware or software if caused by abuse.
  14. There is a $0.15 per page charge for black and white copies and a 50(cent) per page charge for color copies. The user is responsible for all copies that are printed. Future computer use will be denied if payment is not made.
  15. Individuals using the library’s wireless connection for their laptops, and other wireless devices, are subject to the library’s policy regarding appropriate use.
  16. Any questions or concerns regarding the time limits, blocking of websites, or other issues may be directed to the Library Director. If questions or concerns are not resolved, a letter may be directed to the Nottawa Township Library Board.

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