Donation Policy

Nottawa Township Library is grateful for donations and its collection has been enriched by donations of materials as well as monetary contributions. In accepting a donation of materials such as books, movies, or talking books, the library reserves the right to decide if the donation should be added to the library’s collection, put in the ongoing book sale, or disposed of in such a way that would benefit the library.

Donated materials will be evaluated by the same standards used to select new materials. All donations of physical items are accepted with the understanding that someday it may be necessary to remove the item from the library’s collection.

The library cannot appraise the value of donated materials (books, movies, talking books, etc). It will, however, issue the donor a Donation Agreement Form acknowledging the type of donation and its receipt by the library. While gifts to the Library as a governmental unit qualify as tax deductible, it is the donor’s responsibility to keep current with tax regulations.

The library welcomes monetary contributions given specifically for a book to be purchased in memory of, or in honor of, an individual. A bookplate will be placed in the book with the honoree’s name and, if desired, the donor’s name. In order for the Library to properly process this donation, there is a Memorial Book Donation Form that must be completed by the donor.

The Library welcomes cash contributions, gifts of real property, stocks, and bonds. It is our custom to spend monetary gifts on materials, equipment, or a specific project. No donation can be accepted unless it is given without restrictions unless the Nottawa Township Library Board has specifically adopted an agreement to do so. All donations are subject to the approval of the Library Director.

Approved by the Nottawa Township Library Board Feb. 22, 2006

To be reviewed Feb. 2008

Page last updated: December 16, 2010.
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